Be Dedicated. Be Diligent.
Be Debt-Free.

A college education is an important investment in you and your future. We recognize that obtaining a higher education represents an important and significant obligation for families and it can be expensive. At Jarvis Christian University, we are committed to making our exceptional education experience affordable. We also believe students should have a clear understanding of how they are paying for their education. Scholarships allow you to pay for your education without taking out loans. We like to use the word scholarship as a verb as it involves taking direct action to accomplish the work. Happy Scholarshipping!

Our Financial Aid Office assists students with funds awarded by federal and state governments. Our Admissions/Enrollment Management Office assists incoming students with our institutional academic and transfer scholarships. Additionally, we have a dedicated Scholarship Office that assists students like you in finding and completing applications for scholarship opportunities from private sponsors, college donors, and external organizations. There are scholarships for all types of students, and we will help you apply for them. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Ms. Crystal Hudson at (903) 730-4890 ext. 3005 or via email at

Scholarship Tips

Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The code for Jarvis Christian University is 003637.

  • Identify and make a list of your strengths and accomplishments.

  • Be serious and organized: compile your resume, recommendation/thank you letters, ACT/SAT scores, transcript and social security number.

  • Figure out what kind of scholarships you want to look for: academic merit, major, musical or artistic talent, athleticism, community service, etc.

  • Set a daily goal to allot a specific amount of time working on your scholarship applications.

  • Apply early for all opportunities for which you are eligible. Peak time to apply is January through July for the upcoming school year. Remember: If you do not apply, you cannot receive an award.

  • Start with local organizations, churches, and businesses to increase your odds.

  • Once you have found scholarships, complete the applications as soon as possible.

  • Beware of scholarship frauds! Never, ever, pay a fee to apply for scholarships.

Tips for writing an Award-Winning Scholarship Essay

Many students avoid applying for scholarship that involve writing essays. However, these scholarships do not usually have many applicants, which may increase your chances of earning a scholarship.

  • Keep in mind your intended audience: Be sure to stay focused on the topic and specifically address the essay question.

  • Speak to your target: Connect to your target audience by using keywords that identify the goals of the donor and why you should be the awardee.

  • Stand out: Grab the attention of the scholarship committee by giving them something different. Make them want to learn more about you by reading the rest of the essay (Here I want to link to a pdf, currently in development, with essay tips provided by UNCF).

  • Show your authentic self: Explain who you are, what your goals are, and how receiving the scholarship will help you accomplish your educational objectives.

  • Avoid negative messages: Do not assume a sad story will make the committee sympathize with you. It may backfire.

  • Write positive messages: Positive messages are important when discussing negative situations. They can show what your resilience by illustrating what you have overcome.

  • Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. Always have someone proofread you work several times to ensure there are no errors.

Jarvis Christian University Scholarships


Awarded to first-time freshmen only based on their scholastic record.


Awarded on an individual basis by head coaches for respective sports.


Awarded to members of the Mighty Bulldog band on an individual basis by the Director.


Awarded to members of the JCU Gospel Choir on an individual basis by the Director.


Awarded to member of the JCU Cheer Squad on an individual basis by the Director.


Awarded to member of the JCU Dance Team on an individual basis by the Director.


Awarded to first-time transfer students only based on their scholastic record.


Awarded to current students based on meeting donor-specific criteria. Amounts vary.

Scholarships from External Organizations

Jarvis Christian University is a member-school to several organizations and has access to scholarships from them as well as other organizations:

United Negro College Fund

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

Thurgood Marshall College Fund*

Phillips University Legacy Fund

*Not a member-school

Hepful Scholarship Search Links

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