Alumni Perspective

James and Gwendolyn Redmon, Class of 1972, members of the Jarvis Christian University/SCI National Alumni Association, and the Alabama Alumni Chapter, Harvest, AL

Special Giving Areas of Interest

UNCF Jarvis Drive, Graduation Aid, Jarvis Strong, Pioneer Hall of Fame and Preeminence Awards Gala, Student Clothes Closet, Jarvis Sustentation, Fund for the Future, Million Dollar Baby, Tom Joyner Fund, Sebetha Jenkins Retirement Gala, Heritage House Restoration Fund, 90/10 Celebration, Special Fund, Heritage Award Banquet, General Fund, 110th Year Anniversary, Alumni Sustentation, and the Walk of Fame.

There are many reasons why we give back to our school, in short, we have received more than we could ever give back. Let us start by saying there are many shoulders that we are standing on, people that we know, and many more that we do not know. We recognized that if it were not for all those who came before us we would not have had the opportunity to attend one of the greatest universities in the world. This is not just a statement it is a fact.

We cannot find a reason not to give back to our beloved alma mater, Jarvis Christian University. We have a duty to share with others what was shared with us. Jarvis prepared us to be successful in a world that we knew little about. By attending Jarvis Christian University, we were able to face a world that did not want us, but with the education, we received at JCU we were able to do anything and be anything we were willing to work hard for.

So, tell me why we would not give back to Jarvis Christian University, we do not have a reason not to give back to our institution. Jarvis Christian University has never left us and we will never leave her. We will always do whatever we can to support Jarvis Christian University, so Jarvis can continue to help those who come after us.

Jarvis Christian University continues to be our friend and we will continue to stand tall for her.