Alumnae Perspective

Gloria Hare Knox, Class of 1965, member of the Jarvis Christian University/SCI National Alumni Association, Powder Springs, GA

Special Giving Areas of Interest

The Charles Edward Knox and Charles Eric Knox Memorial Scholarship Fund, JCC Class of 1965 Reunion, Heritage Award Banquet, Million Dollar Baby, Founders’/Homecoming, Alumni Bus Drive, 110th Year Anniversary, and the Pioneer Hall of Fame and Preeminence Awards Gala

As the daughter of a poor sharecropper from Arkansas, I arrived on the Jarvis Christian College campus in 1958 with only $5.00 in my pocket. I would not be where I am today if not for Jarvis Christian University. The best things I received from Jarvis were my first degree, a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education; my husband, Charles Knox; and my first purchased property located at Lake Hawkins, Hawkins, Texas. During my first two years on campus, I worked several jobs such as in the library with Mrs. Cobbins, in Dean Gill’s office, and in the doctor’s office on campus. I had to leave college because of my mother’s illness. I returned as a married woman to finish my degree. Miss Winifred Perpener offered me a job as the resident manager over the freshmen women’s residence hall and that’s how I paid for my education. I graduated with the Mighty Class of 1965. The educational experience that I received from Jarvis enabled me to teach at several public schools and earn my Master’s degree in Education. I owe JCC everything that’s why I give every year and have been doing so for years. I have contributed to several fund-raising initiatives of the University and during the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Class of 1965, we decided to raise $40,000 but instead, we raised $90,000. In 1978, I set up an endowed scholarship in memory of my husband and after the sudden death of my son in 2018, I modified the scholarship to the Charles Edward Knox and Charles Eric Knox Endowed Scholarship which I donate to yearly. Who wouldn’t give back to an institution like Jarvis? I want to encourage young people and older people to give because without our support Jarvis would suffer greatly. Please give because Jarvis Christian University is near and dear to my heart.