Faculty Perspective

Dr. Glendora Carter, Chair, Department of Science and Math and Professor of Chemistry, Jarvis Christian University, Tyler, TX

Special Giving Areas of Interest

UNCF Jarvis Drive, Special Fund-Athletics, Jarvis Fest, Mr. and Miss UNCF Competitions, Lorene B. Holmes Scholarship, Lester C. Newman Endowed Scholarship, Founders’/Homecoming, Pioneer Hall of Fame and Preeminence Awards Gala, Sebetha Jenkins Retirement Gala, Heritage Award Banquet, Mangram Institute, Jarvis Sustentation, 90/10 Celebration, Tom Joyner Fund, Jarvis Christian College Church, and JCC Feeding 110 Families

I have a passion for “Diamonds.” These diamonds that I am speaking of are our students, who are man-made by the remarkable, extraordinary, indispensable, HBCUs around the country. I turned my interest to teaching chemistry at an HBCU because I graduated from an all-black high school and later received my Ph.D. degree from an all-black medical college. I would have found it hard to be successful with either of these ventures had it not been for the caring encouragement and even “tuff love” I received at the hands of my black professors in the settings of the All Black institutions. While teaching in the STEM department, at my current HBCU, Jarvis Christian University, I am able to give back to my students. Many of whom, despite the many obstacles and challenges they endured, have gone on to become “REAL DIAMONDS”, as authors, artists, scientists, doctors, and industry giants. It takes much love, care, and instruction for them to be mined into the Diamonds they were made to be. In short, I give to Jarvis because I desire to continue to see the production of our current and future “DIAMONDS”.