Alumni Perspective

Clarence McQueen, Class of 1981 and Teresa McQueen, Class of 1982, and members of the Jarvis Christian University/SCI National Alumni Association, Houston Chapter, Fresno, TX

Special Giving Areas of Interest

Jarvis Sustentation, Fund for the Future, ASEP Scholarship Fund, Million Dollar Baby, Miss UNCF Jarvis Competition, Alumni Bus Drive, JCC Class of 1981 Reunion, Tom Joyner Fund, and the 110th Year Anniversary

We are Jarvis sweethearts. We met on the JCC campus (in 1979) and got married on Jarvis’ campus in 1982. We are currently residents of Fresno, TX (a Houston suburb) and will be married 40 years in May 2022. Jarvis has played an integral part in our lives. It is safe to say, if there was no Jarvis Christian University, there would be no “us”.

We cannot preach about how much to give or when to give as all of our situations are different. But when an opportunity to give arises, we should give what we can. Jarvis Christian University has and always will continue to need our (Alumni and former students) support. We have an obligation to support our alma mater. How would you feel if the university you went to no longer existed because it could no longer operate financially? Whether we are knowledgeable of it or not, this does happen. Do we want Jarvis to go away? No, we do not.

We are attached at the hip with JCU. Whether you were there for a semester, a year, graduated from Jarvis, or attended Jarvis and finished from another college or university, Jarvis Christian University is a permanent part of us. Jarvis (and its outstanding faculty with whom many of us have had meaningful and impactful mentor-student partnerships) provided a vast number of us our initial post-high school educational foundation and upon which numerous Masters degrees and Doctoral degrees have been earned. That foundation also has helped us secure the jobs and flourish/succeed/endure in the careers that we have held and things that we have accomplished in our post-Jarvis lives. If we take a look back at the friends and associates, we met/made, sports team members, fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, social club members that we became a part of at Jarvis, our time there becomes priceless. And at the base of it all is JCU!

If for nothing else but the aforementioned facts, Teresa and I have and will continue to financially support the university that got us started and sent us on our way to where we are now Jarvis Christian University! If you are supporting Jarvis Christian University now, please continue to do so. If you currently are not supporting JCU, please consider doing so. No amount is too small to help our beloved Jarvis Christian University continue to flourish and thrive.